Our Vision is for the Children of Today to bring Shangri La to our Planet.

The Tot’s Café is an information resource.  We provide the research and studies in the area of child development that will aid our children in their full potential.  With our Membership we give special rates and discounts to the most sought after organic living resources for your family and especially your children.

We have heard Mothers and Fathers from all over the world speak out on their needs to raise their children in the best supportive and peaceful environment.  It is clear that the educational systems of today do not support our children’s needs to be successful leaders and our food lacking quality and standards for optimal child development.  We hear you and it is our mission to fulfill on the needs of all parents!

Who Is Behind The Tot’s Cafe?

Angela Ortiz is an Entrepreneur Mother that have a passion to give vital information that educates the adults and children on the future of our planet.  She has studied and practiced progressive parenting, organic and holistic living, and now learning the new methods of child education from infant to high school.  With her own experience of raising a child as a single Mother, she understands and has been through the rough of child bearing.  The Tot’s Cafe is about speaking out for the good and leadership of our children.  That’s what Angela is passionate about, the future of today’s children.


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