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The Mom Escape

Where do we find our escape from the craziness of motherhood? How do we not give all ourselves to our child where it becomes unhealthy for us? I am on a quest to find these answers.

I am a mother who owned her own business, moved to England, had a baby and moved back to the US and stayed home with my child. When I arrived back to the US, I had sold my business, had no family near me and my friends at that time were all single with no children. It was one lonely and hard path for me. What I did have was a beautiful baby boy, whom I focused my attention. Then my son starts growing up and not so needy, but I am still giving my all to him. I was about to go nuts…what happened to that woman on the go and in love with life? That was my question to myself and still my question.

Now my son is in Nursery School and I have the mornings to do what I need, I use this time to conduct business, write blogs, film and “trying” to get back into the swing of entrepreneurship again.

Being in the inquiry of what is missing, some solutions came up. One is my workouts. Usually a ritual of working out has been in my life and now has disappeared. As humans, a workout is important for vitality. Getting that blood flowing will do anyone some good.

Another thing I am missing are my friends. Just finding the space to go out and be with the “women” is a healthy outlet. I find it important to be with your friends, it brings a mental health and community. As humans, we must have community.

To start with just those two things can make the world of difference. On this path of finding the healthy medium of Motherhood and sense of self is a journey. If anyone has their own journey of finding self, I would love to interview you. Please share as other Mother’s experience do matter and we all can learn from each other.


Jeannie Lee Speaks about Being an Attachment Parent







Is being an Attachment Parent for everyone?  Find out here in Episode 3 of The Tot’s Cafe’s first season.  Jeannie Lee shares some great tips for parenting with ease.

Attachment Parenting with Jeannie Lee

We have had an informational interview with Jeannie Lee, a practicing Attachment Parent, who has inspired us with her Mothering ways.  This interview may change the way you are raising your children.

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Learn more about this really old method of raising children that is working better than today’s way of raising our tots.

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Confident Children through Attachment

Have you heard the term, “Attachment Parenting?”  Find out from Jeannie Lee, a successful Attachment Parent and The Tot’s Cafe interviews her to find out what success methods she and many others have used to raise their children.  We learn that by being an Attachment Parent, our children become more confident.

Watch the interview here on Monday, October 10 at 8:00 PST.
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Nature and Song Puts Happiness in a Child

The Tot’s Cafe’s, Spotlight Mom for September/October puts a little light in children and parent’s lives. This is the sweetest and most fun, loving environment that all children must experience.  Jeannie gives us a small sample of what it’s like to be in her program at Earth Roots school in Southern California.

Link to Video:

What do you think?  Doesn’t this video put a smile on your face?