Playing in the Rain

Living in Southern California, rain does not come by a lot like some other places such as Seattle and England.  When the rain comes, have you noticed the children getting really excited.  At least mine does.

This morning my son woke up and immediately started getting dressed to go outside.  Love the way he likes to experience the bit of chill in the air, splash in the puddles and see the water spread, and pick up worms and slugs and put them back in the dirt. This is part of creative play.

Earthroots Field School, a Non-Profit Organization, always has class rain or shine and they are outside in the woods for 5 hours! It certainly is an adventure to engage in the element of rain and chill for that length of time.

This raises an important discussion for parents.  We are concerned our little ones being out in the wet that they will catch cold.  Remember to always bring a change of clothes to allow spontaneous outdoor play in the rain.  The best investment you can make is purchase rain boots for your kids and a rain coat.

The main word of advice for parents, do not be afraid of your children going outside in the cold and rain to play and explore.  This is their time to experience and be curious what bugs come out in the rain and so forth.

Written by Tina Hiatt, Entrepreneur Mother and Marketing Director for Holistic Health & Fitness.


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