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Fast Food Reading Enjoyment

ImageAre you a parent that is surprised by the language in children’s books?  When we go to the library or bookstore, my lil one wants me to read whatever she grabs off the shelf and I end up changing a lot of what is actually written.  Even though the book ultimately ends in “Happily Ever After”, many of the children’s fiction books are filled with expressions of lack, limiting beliefs, victim/villain, bullying, sarcasm, self-consciousness over appearance expressed, and more.  Even a subscription to Highlights, that was a gift,  has stories that make me cringe and are edited when read them to my tot.  I know I won’t be able to continue my real time editing techniques much longer. She will soon be reading the words, rather than reciting what I read to her.

When I took a homeschooling course at the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, they advocated putting together homemade books with stories of the child’s experiences.  They could include family events, family pet, a vacation experience or even a day at the park.  The books can be a short story that describes the photos showing the child having a great time at the pool, swimming and splashing with friends.  The homemade books can be tailored to your child’s age and interests. My daughter loves these personalized books more than any others.

Recently I found a great book at the library called Fast Food by Joost Elffers. It’s cute and colorful and is about different modes of transportation. What makes this book unique is that the photos of the transportation vehicles are all made out of fruit and vegetables.  It is very clever and may even inspire your child to have a stronger affinity towards fruit and vegetables.


Latte Taste Test

Tina is tasting three different latte’s from three different coffee houses in Irvine, California and finding out which she likes best.


Tot’s Cafe Hang Out Spot

Paradise Perks is one of our favorite coffeehouses in the OC.  Check out the short interview with one of the employees of the Paradise Perks Espresso & Tea Bar.



Belly Sprout Dream Big Event

The Tot’s Cafe will be at the Belly Sprout event in Fullerton, California on November 5th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.

Come see the Tot’s Cafe Show live and get an opportunity to be interviewed right at the event. Belly Sprout has amazing and inspirational speakers, vendors and come meet other mothers who are interested in non-toxic organic living.

Dream Big: Mother’s Making a Difference Event
When: Nov. 5th, 5-8p.m.
Where: Belly Sprout, 426W.Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, Ca.92832
Cost: $25 per person. Invite only and must pre-pay for tickets. 125 people expected.

Special Guest Speakers:
Kim Walls (Owner of Epicencials), Jules Blaine Davis (Founder of Renaissance
Mamas), Inga Tritt (Owner of Original Sprouts), Aracely Woolery( Founder of Day
Tripping Mom), Mareya Ibrahim (Founder of Eat Cleaner) and Alisa Donner (Cofounder
of Pregnancy Awareness Month Campaign (PAM)

Guests will enjoy:
*Healthful gourmet food and drink
*Sponsors and vendor booths
*Henna art, chair massage, energy massage, essential oils, and superfruit demos
*Dream Big Panel: Inspiring celebrity panel discussing how they achieved their dreams
*Dream Big Awards: Honoring the women who have supported Belly Sprout for 5 years
*Dream Big: Fund a Mom Scholarship: Awarding one mom who has a dream project
*Swag bags for all 125 attendees

The Tots Show Season Perk

We have been hard at work putting together an educational series on Non-Violent Parenting for our Mothers and Fathers out there with young children under the age of seven.  Our intention is to give parents alternative ways of parenting in which creates a happy, free, confident and successful human.

The Paradise Perks Espresso & Tea Bar has accepted to be the Season Sponsor and allowed us to film five episodes at their location!  They have the most amazing teas and lattes in OC so we are thrilled.

If you are interested in joining us during filming, please sign up and we will send you all the information as we would love you to be there in the studio audience asking your questions and enjoying a cup at Paradise Perks.

Watch Out for Toxic Car Seats

It seems there is always awareness to be gained when it comes to our precious tots. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was browsing online for organic clothes and bedding. Somehow I stumbled upon a link that took me to low toxic infant car seats.  I read, in great detail, that car seats have toxins not just from the fabric dye, but from heavily toxic flame retardant chemicals!  None of my mommy friends told me, “Be sure to buy a car seat that has no or low toxic chemicals.”.  I was so grateful to be lead to this information.

No new parent wants to knowingly place their newborn or toddler into an environment or car seat filled with toxins to breathe in their newly developing lungs or absorb through their skin. I invested in a “low” infant seat and most recently obtained the Sunshine Kids Radian 65 in Champagne, which is also listed low on the list.

This company is highly recommended, it’s not too late.

Find out if your car seat is highly toxic: CLICK HERE

For more information on toxic car seats please visit Dr. Mercola’s web site: