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Music Together: A Most Special Experience to Share with Your Little One

About five years ago, I met my dear friend Dorothy at a conference in Calgary, Canada. She is a Music Together teacher in New Jersey.  Music Together is Music Together is an internationally recognized program that is a beyond words incredible for baby or toddler or young child and their parent (or Grandma or Nanny). The class teaches babies and little children the language of music, from rhythm to tonal patterns and much more. Much in the same way as children learn to speak by being immersed in the language of their culture from the time they are born, so do babies and toddlers learn the language of music by being immersed in the musical learning environment of the Music Together classroom experience which includes tonal and rhythm patterns as the basic building blocks of music among so much more.

When my daughter was about 18 months, Dorothy reminded me that there is an amazing Music Together teacher in my area.  Her name is Judy Woodson and she teaches in Irvine!! When it worked out for my schedule, we enrolled. We have been doing Music Together for almost two years, every Thursday morning for 45 minutes. During class the adults role model by singing and moving to the music. At first the little ones typically watch whats going on in class and then either at home and/or at class, as soon as the music starts to play, baby shows a definite connection to the music through movement!  When I play the CD at home, my tot imitates the unique movements and hand gestures used for the different songs in class. She also adds in her own unique dance moves. I just watch in awe as she is completely in HER joyful musical moment of expression having the best time.  I’ve spontaneously sung the songs at times to ease Little One, make the car ride interactive and introduce a new word or concept. The songs are fun and relate to life. One night I started singing a song on the CD called “Great Big Stars” and pointed to the starry sky and began singing along. Now in the evening she points and says, “stars”.  I shared the star experience with Dorothy and she mentioned how Music Together and these songs will be always special to Isabella and me, similar to a very fond memory that occured as a certain song was playing in the background.  She also told me how musical development and appreciation is similar to language use…starting early and consistency is key. I hope you check out Music Together in your area and post your experience.

Classes in Orange County and Palm Desert, California (Judy Woodson):

Classes in New Jersey (Dorothy Sikora):

Main Website:


Open House for Waldorf School of OC

Heard great news, our friends at the Waldorf School of Orange County is hosting an Early Childhood Information Evening on Wednesday, January 18, 2012.  If you have seen our interview with Robin Theiss a teacher at Waldorf then you can ask your questions in person.
Then on Saturday, January 21, 2012 you can bring you tot for a preview of a Morning in the Kindergarten.  This is fabulous to witness how our children take to the school and you get to see first hand what your children will be learning.
For additional information on these open houses please contact the Waldorf School of Orange County at (949) 574-7775 or visit their site at

The Tot’s Cafe Filming at Mom’s In Charge Event

There are many wonderful events happening this month.  Last week we had the privilege to take part in the Belly Sprout Dream Big Event in Fullerton, California, hosted by Christy Funk.

On Friday, November 11 The Tot’s Cafe will be participating in the Mom’s in Charge Healthy Family Fall Festival, hosted by Dotty Tyre Hagmier, Founder of Mom’s In Charge.  The event is Free and there will be fun entertainment for the entire family!

The Tot’s Café will be hosting our show right from the event.  Come join us and meet Angela and Tina at Training Camp Hot Yoga, 34000 Via De Agua, San Juan Capistrano, CA., on November 11, 2011. The festival starts at 1:30pm and concludes at 6:30pm.

Event flyer can be downloaded from here.

Filming at the Waldorf School

Participate and be part of the filming of Episode 2, Season 2 “Learning Through Creative Play with Waldorf.”

If you happen to be in Orange County, California and would like to be in the audience for the filming of Episode 2 of the Tot’s Cafe Show, RSVP and learn more about early education for your toddler’s. Come ask the Internationally Known Waldorf Staff the vital questions that will make a difference in your child’s and family’s life.

Children are welcomed. Please bring someone with you to watch your children as they will be in a separate area near the filming.

This is a great opportunity for parents to look at schooling in a more child-led and alternative view.

Please RSVP as seating is limited

Belly Sprout Dream Big Event

The Tot’s Cafe will be at the Belly Sprout event in Fullerton, California on November 5th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.

Come see the Tot’s Cafe Show live and get an opportunity to be interviewed right at the event. Belly Sprout has amazing and inspirational speakers, vendors and come meet other mothers who are interested in non-toxic organic living.

Dream Big: Mother’s Making a Difference Event
When: Nov. 5th, 5-8p.m.
Where: Belly Sprout, 426W.Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, Ca.92832
Cost: $25 per person. Invite only and must pre-pay for tickets. 125 people expected.

Special Guest Speakers:
Kim Walls (Owner of Epicencials), Jules Blaine Davis (Founder of Renaissance
Mamas), Inga Tritt (Owner of Original Sprouts), Aracely Woolery( Founder of Day
Tripping Mom), Mareya Ibrahim (Founder of Eat Cleaner) and Alisa Donner (Cofounder
of Pregnancy Awareness Month Campaign (PAM)

Guests will enjoy:
*Healthful gourmet food and drink
*Sponsors and vendor booths
*Henna art, chair massage, energy massage, essential oils, and superfruit demos
*Dream Big Panel: Inspiring celebrity panel discussing how they achieved their dreams
*Dream Big Awards: Honoring the women who have supported Belly Sprout for 5 years
*Dream Big: Fund a Mom Scholarship: Awarding one mom who has a dream project
*Swag bags for all 125 attendees

Halloween Fun

What does Halloween mean?  Is this a holiday you want your children taking part of with the scary haunted houses and ghoulish costumes?  Are you a parent who only wants your Tots to see peace and love everywhere? Are you parents who say NO to the candy?

Here is our view on Halloween.  We do say no to the candy and choose to take our Tots to places where they will not be tempted to take the horribly toxic candy.  Are there such places?  Yes!  Since we are located in Orange County California, we found a few neighborhood block parties, the Malls are having Halloween extravaganzas and there are people having private parties just for the Tots to make it fun for them. Candy present?  Well that will be a yes.  If you take your children trick or treating you are guaranteed for a candy mess!

Let’s talk about scary.  Taking your children out, there will be some scary costumes.  Heck, my tot is freaked out of the characters at Disneyland.  Our advice, take your tots to fun child Halloween events, we have mentioned a few already.  Now again, living in Southern California, we have our amusement parks like Sea World, Lego Land, Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.  Just heard, Knott’s “Scary” Farm is just that, heard it is really scary for the children and adults too!  I would suggest Knott’s being on the “Not” list.

What is Halloween about?  Don’t really know, personally it is the dressing up in costumes and going out seeing other people’s cool costumes along with the fun and festivities of this “ghoulish” holiday.  Allow your child to participate if he or she is interested.  Remember, you have the choice to which Halloween event to take them.  Look around in for your area and find local events at your malls, parks, and pumpkin patches.

Most of all, just laugh a lot as that is the healthiest thing the family can do.

Nature and Song Puts Happiness in a Child

The Tot’s Cafe’s, Spotlight Mom for September/October puts a little light in children and parent’s lives. This is the sweetest and most fun, loving environment that all children must experience.  Jeannie gives us a small sample of what it’s like to be in her program at Earth Roots school in Southern California.

Link to Video:

What do you think?  Doesn’t this video put a smile on your face?