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Creating a Family Cohesive Environment for your Tot

While attending church, we have always gone to the building that allows children to attend with their parents, instead of opting for weekly childcare. When the church recently added a building for high schoolers to participate in a church service with their peers, that felt off to me.  Isn’t attending church a family event to do together, not separate?  Unless they are homeschooled, children are at daycare or school with peers, up to 5 days a week.  Why would a 6th day at church be an additional option or offering?  I’m definitely not the only one that feels this way, because I do see some small tots to high schoolers with their parents during the service.
Recently I was led to a very intriguing book titled, Hold on to your Kids by Gabor Mate’.  This book provides profound information on the reasons that children are most often choosing to bond to peer groups, rather than parents, as early as 8 years of age. The book also cites the detrimental outcomes of children’s confidence, emotional development and even vocabulary by having an allegiance to their peers.  The dramatic increase in peer bonding is a fairly recent occurrence in society.
To get a flavor of the in depth information in Gabor Mate’s book, listen to this eye opening talk on the basis of peer group orientation.  It is a topic typically brought up by parents who are disgruntled and exasperated, yet regretfully accept that their children avoid communication with them and only want to be with their friends.   The link below and his book give perspective on a behavior that is believed to be “normal” for children, but in reality it is not normal, nor is it optimal for child development.  

Jeannie Lee Speaks about Being an Attachment Parent







Is being an Attachment Parent for everyone?  Find out here in Episode 3 of The Tot’s Cafe’s first season.  Jeannie Lee shares some great tips for parenting with ease.

Attachment Parenting with Jeannie Lee

We have had an informational interview with Jeannie Lee, a practicing Attachment Parent, who has inspired us with her Mothering ways.  This interview may change the way you are raising your children.

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Learn more about this really old method of raising children that is working better than today’s way of raising our tots.

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Confident Children through Attachment

Have you heard the term, “Attachment Parenting?”  Find out from Jeannie Lee, a successful Attachment Parent and The Tot’s Cafe interviews her to find out what success methods she and many others have used to raise their children.  We learn that by being an Attachment Parent, our children become more confident.

Watch the interview here on Monday, October 10 at 8:00 PST.
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Is Discipline Necessary

On October 3rd at 8:00am PST, the Tot’s Cafe Show interviews Naomi Aldort, Author of Raising Children, Raising Ourselves.  We get an exclusive interview on a Progressive Approach to parenting and it does not include what we Westerners call “Discipline.”

In this show we talk about the effectiveness of the Time-Outs, how to create a “Love House,” and relating to our children with respect.

Naomi Aldort Leading the Way

During our interview with Naomi, she had mentioned that the parents must be the leader not the child as it is so often confused with the Child-Led philosophy.

Naomi sums it up in her video, “You Are The Leader.”  Are you the leader or is your child?

You are the Leader video:

The exclusive interview with Naomi will be available on Monday, October, 3 at 8:00am PST.  Can find the video on our Facebook page and here on this site.  http://www.TheTotsCafe.com. 

In the Spotlight, Jeannie Lee

Playgroup Kids with Jeannie

Playgroup Kids with Jeannie

The Tot’s Cafe has a new Spotlight Mom, Jeannie Lee, a mother of two: Christian, who is three and Bella, who is 17 years old.  We met Jeannie at a free Forest Kindergarten preview that she was hosting as a playdate for her attachment parenting Meetup.  We experienced her fabulous playgroup style as parents met at a park, set their blankets down together, and chatted.  She’d invited everybody to bring a handwork project, so most of us were knitting and talking. She explained that handwork helped her practice being a “benign parental presence,” a term she liked from Kim Paine’s book, Simplicity Parenting. She believes that keeping her hands busy and feeling productive helps her foster uninterrupted free play.

Later, Jeannie gathered the mothers and young children with a song, formed a circle, and proceeded to lead the group through a delightful circle time. We sang sweet songs with darling hand movements, and although the songs and poems were not familiar to us, she sang each of the songs twice and the children were visibly engaged. It was fun and made all the mothers happy; and the children were randomly giggling and smiling too. The occasion was so joyous we did not want to leave. What we noticed about Jeannie is her love and appreciation for the children, and connection that she has with the moms. We were glad to hear that she posts all the lyrics and often even videos of her circle time at her blog http://www.womantalk.org.

Jeannie has led a Waldorf-inspired weekly parent-toddler playgroup for the last two years. Based on that experience, combined with her 10 years of teaching experience in the public school system and her love of the outdoors, Jeannie is now teaching a forest kindergarten for Earthroots Field School in Orange County, California. An all-new program, children ages 3-6 spend five hours outdoors singing, exploring, and learning in the woods, along with their parents.   It’s a program to connect children with nature. Jeannie developed the curriculum for this program, which incorporates original stories focused on the local natural  world of southern California, written by Caroline Colesworthy, Jeannie’s co-instructor for the forest kindergarten.

While Jeannie’s daughter just graduated from a public high school and is currently a freshman at UCLA, we discovered that Jeannie is an avid supporter of homeschooling, and more specifically, unschooling. Bella was homeschooled until 7th grade, and Jeannie worked this summer at the Not-Back-to-School Camp, the unschooling homeschool camp founded by Grace Llewellyn, the author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook. Jeannie has been supporting attachment parenting mothers for years, first as a La Leche League Leader, last year as the main organizer of an attachment parenting meetup group, and now through teaching for Earthroots.

To balance all her social  interaction, Jeannie enjoys peaceful time in the outdoors, hiking and camping; and also contemplating contemporary art. We were surprised to discover that Jeannie has a master’s degree in Art Theory and Criticism from Art Center College of Design and that she frequently writes art reviews for spare cash!

Jeannie’s philosophies of raising her children are awe-inspiring to us.  She practices attachment parenting and spends a lot of time with them. Both her babies were born at home. She mentioned that Bella wore cloth diapers, but ran naked most of her first three years, which made it much easier for potty transitioning.  With Christian, she practiced elimination communication. We asked Jeannie if she is raising Christian differently than Bella and she confidently said that she was raising Christian exactly the same way – with very little television/screen media and plenty of time outdoors. She has no fear of judgment by others and goes with her personal values and instincts. It’s no wonder that so many mothers turn to her for parenting advice.  Well, look at her and her daughter; Bella is a happy, confident, successful, loving person who is going to college on a scholarship.  Jeannie must be doing something wonderful to inspire her children to bring out the best in themselves.

To learn a bit more about Jeannie and what she is up to visit her website www.WomanTalk.org