Music Together: A Most Special Experience to Share with Your Little One

About five years ago, I met my dear friend Dorothy at a conference in Calgary, Canada. She is a Music Together teacher in New Jersey.  Music Together is Music Together is an internationally recognized program that is a beyond words incredible for baby or toddler or young child and their parent (or Grandma or Nanny). The class teaches babies and little children the language of music, from rhythm to tonal patterns and much more. Much in the same way as children learn to speak by being immersed in the language of their culture from the time they are born, so do babies and toddlers learn the language of music by being immersed in the musical learning environment of the Music Together classroom experience which includes tonal and rhythm patterns as the basic building blocks of music among so much more.

When my daughter was about 18 months, Dorothy reminded me that there is an amazing Music Together teacher in my area.  Her name is Judy Woodson and she teaches in Irvine!! When it worked out for my schedule, we enrolled. We have been doing Music Together for almost two years, every Thursday morning for 45 minutes. During class the adults role model by singing and moving to the music. At first the little ones typically watch whats going on in class and then either at home and/or at class, as soon as the music starts to play, baby shows a definite connection to the music through movement!  When I play the CD at home, my tot imitates the unique movements and hand gestures used for the different songs in class. She also adds in her own unique dance moves. I just watch in awe as she is completely in HER joyful musical moment of expression having the best time.  I’ve spontaneously sung the songs at times to ease Little One, make the car ride interactive and introduce a new word or concept. The songs are fun and relate to life. One night I started singing a song on the CD called “Great Big Stars” and pointed to the starry sky and began singing along. Now in the evening she points and says, “stars”.  I shared the star experience with Dorothy and she mentioned how Music Together and these songs will be always special to Isabella and me, similar to a very fond memory that occured as a certain song was playing in the background.  She also told me how musical development and appreciation is similar to language use…starting early and consistency is key. I hope you check out Music Together in your area and post your experience.

Classes in Orange County and Palm Desert, California (Judy Woodson):

Classes in New Jersey (Dorothy Sikora):

Main Website:


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