The Real Problem with Cell Phones, iPads and Laptops

Did you know that if you are holding your cell phone with one hand and holding your child in your arms or touching their hand, the radiation does travel through your body and directly impacts your child’s developing body?  We have to remember to have no babes in arms, when on the phone.  Yes, in this day and age we have to be mindful to protect our tots processed GMO filled food, tap water,  and something that many people don’t realize is harmful……Electromagnetic Pollution.  If parents did know the harm, then the hurried mom I saw in the crafts store would not have handed the cell phone to her 7 year old to handle the call.

There was a mom in one of my mommy groups that was asking about this topic, because her husband is a computer programmer and they have lots of electronics in their home. Her concern is that her spouse doesn’t believe all of the laptops, iPads, and computers are harmful to their toddler and young child. He wants concrete studies. I found it so interesting that someone whose business requires constant exposure to electronics and wifi, had no idea of the impact to the body on a cellular level and is even skeptical of the imposed effects.

Have you heard of Dr. George Carlo? Many years ago he was hired by the cell phone industry to study the health risks of cell phones. His findings were unfavorable to the industry, so a gag ordered was placed on him to keep quiet and his life was even threatened. While in hiding, he wrote a book called “Invisible Hazards of the Wireless Age: An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries About Brain Cancer And Genetic Damage”. In the book is incredible documentation of studies from his research along with thermography photos of the cell phone impact on an adult and a child. The radiation and electro-magnetic frequency is very intense on an adult and you can only imagine how much greater the EMF penetration is on a child, with their developing brain and body. Gratefully I attended a lecture of his about 6 years ago and heard him speak on his research and findings. He spoke of a woman who had developed a brain tumor and the location of the tumor was in the same exact area that her cell phone antenna was at her head when on the phone. The tumor even mimicked the shape of the antenna. It was brought to the attention of phone manufacturer and some news leaked, but not much was reported by the media. Another speaker at the same conference shared that the bombardment from cell phones, computers, hotspots and electronic environment in general can absolutely contribute to or heighten the symptoms of what people call ADHD and even autism.  Also, it lowers the immune system of adults and especially children.

Any pregnant woman can protect herself and unborn child by using a corded headset for the cell phone and landline (if cordless) or speaker phone. The phone should be kept a minimum of an adults arm length away from the body…the farther away the better, especially for iPhones. A tot should never play with the cell phone (‘airplane mode’ will heavily diminish the bombardment). Also, a tot should never touch a laptop, even with EMF blocking stickers/chips. The entire keyboard is right above the electronics and the area above the hard drive puts out the highest frequency. When your older child is on the laptop, make sure to set up a corded keyboard so the child is not touching the laptop or sitting close to it. The same goes for IPads amd Kindles unless they are on airplane mode. When the iPad is playing music or loading a webpage the bombardment is high. If you want to see the impact of your electronics and the hotspots in your home, consider purchasing a Trifield Meter. They start at about $160.00.

I am sure after reading this, you will be highly aware of the harmful impact of your tot playing with your iPhone or computer to play their games. Let’s share this awareness with others.  It’s time adults and children keep a safe distance from cell phones.


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