Halloween Fun

What does Halloween mean?  Is this a holiday you want your children taking part of with the scary haunted houses and ghoulish costumes?  Are you a parent who only wants your Tots to see peace and love everywhere? Are you parents who say NO to the candy?

Here is our view on Halloween.  We do say no to the candy and choose to take our Tots to places where they will not be tempted to take the horribly toxic candy.  Are there such places?  Yes!  Since we are located in Orange County California, we found a few neighborhood block parties, the Malls are having Halloween extravaganzas and there are people having private parties just for the Tots to make it fun for them. Candy present?  Well that will be a yes.  If you take your children trick or treating you are guaranteed for a candy mess!

Let’s talk about scary.  Taking your children out, there will be some scary costumes.  Heck, my tot is freaked out of the characters at Disneyland.  Our advice, take your tots to fun child Halloween events, we have mentioned a few already.  Now again, living in Southern California, we have our amusement parks like Sea World, Lego Land, Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.  Just heard, Knott’s “Scary” Farm is just that, heard it is really scary for the children and adults too!  I would suggest Knott’s being on the “Not” list.

What is Halloween about?  Don’t really know, personally it is the dressing up in costumes and going out seeing other people’s cool costumes along with the fun and festivities of this “ghoulish” holiday.  Allow your child to participate if he or she is interested.  Remember, you have the choice to which Halloween event to take them.  Look around in meetup.com for your area and find local events at your malls, parks, and pumpkin patches.

Most of all, just laugh a lot as that is the healthiest thing the family can do.


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