European Photos Just In

Our friend Chimmy has really been having a grand time in Europe.  He even sent some photos of his travels in Europe just yesterday.  Guess which country that these photos were taken?

Chimmy saw so many sites and traveled all through the entire country!  He has had the most amazing and famous pizza in the world.  Chimmy has learned so much about this country.  He did not know that this country has been known to have human presence about 200,000 years ago.  Did you know that the capital of this country was first a small agricultural town in 8th century BC, and ended up to be a colossal empire?

The exciting part of the trip was traveling in the fastest train in the world. Our friend Chimmy had said, “The train went fast but I wasn’t scared.” Chimmy loved traveling through this country. “The land was gorgeous'” He noted.

We asked Chimmy if he would be back to visit this country in Europe and he said, “Most definitely!  This country was so rich in culture, ancient architectural marvel and the most awe-inspiring countryside, not to mention the delicious food!  I think too that the ladies would have enjoyed the latest in fashion too, some groovy clothes coming soon to America.”

As Chimmy’s travels have ended and he is not headed back home to the United States. We surly enjoyed exploring Europe with him.  Did you get which country these photos came from?

Below are the links to more countries Chimmy has traveled:
New Photos from Europe
Out of France and headed to…
Looking in Europe
Images of Europe from Chimmy
Exploration to Europe Continues

Thank you for participating in “Guess Where Chimmy Travels?”

Chimmy is a character based on the educational children’s book series, “Chimmy 5in1 Languages,” written by Patricia Paigerac and Chimmy illustrated by Ivan Ruiz. 

This was an interactive guessing game that is educational and fun to play with vivid photos that otherwise we would not see unless visiting the country.

To check out the Chimmy book series please visit:


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