New Photos from Europe

Do you know which country in Europe these photos are taken?

Chimmy, our little Monkey friend, from the education book series, “Chimmy 5in1,” has arrived in this European country.  Guess which country?

Chimmy is having to learn the language of this country. Chimmy tells us, “I am catching on pretty well to the language.  I have bought a book to help me.  Just got here and already traveled to two cities here.  Headed south tomorrow.”

Here is a cafe Chimmy has ate and met a couple new friends who are helping Chimmy with the language.  His new friends also gave him some facts about this country.
1. This country has three active volcanoes
2. world’s largest producers of renewable energy.
3. Eighth largest economy in the world
4. Known for its architectural achievements
5. Fourth-largest population in the European Union

Chimmy is happy to share his travels with you.  To play and guess where Chimmy is visiting, please comment on this blog with your answer.

For those who have guessed correctly will be featured on the Tot’s Cafe site and be notified by email.  The Chimmy Travels to Europe Game is based on the book “Chimmy Travels to Europe,” written by Patricia Paigerac.

To discover more about Chimmy, visit his website at


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