Out of France and headed to…

Chimmy loved France and has traveled all over the country seeing the most spectacular sites.  While in Paris, he took a boat down the Seine, admired the flying buttresses of Notre Dame, gazed at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, took the train to Versaille and strolled through the gardens. He then decided to head west to Giverny and experienced the inspiration of many Claude Monet paintings, such as The Water Lilies. In the north he visited the historic area of Normandy and then headed down to the Loire Valley to enjoy fields of flowers and elaborate chateaus.  He has had quite the adventure in France and capped off his journey in Nice to relax and recharge at the beach. Chimmy has learned a few phrases in French such as Bon Jour (Hello), Au Revoir (Goodbye) and Où la gare est? (Where is the train station?).

Now Chimmy is on the train to another European Country that only Chimmy and the Tot’s Cafe know where.  He will keep sending us photos.  We thought it would be fun to have you guess which country Chimmy is visiting.

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