Sneak Peak into a New Children’s Book

Chimmy 5in1 Languages is inviting you to have a sneak peak into the making of a new book, “Chimmy Loves Fruits and Vegetables,” written by Patricia Paigerac.  The book is geared to create fun in reading about a little Monkey, Chimmy, who learns that fruits and vegetables are delicious.  Along with teaching children about the importance of eating healthy, this book teaches children five different languages in this book, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.  The book includes an audio CD to teach parents and children alike the correct pronunciation of the different languages, voices are actors native to that country.


We found that the Chimmy books are great for the entire family.  The new educational children’s book, “Chimmy Loves Fruits and Vegetables” will be available for purchase in September 2011.

Other Chimmy 5in1 books to enjoy:

  • Chimmy Travels to Europe
  • Chimmy Counts to Ten
  • Chimmy 5in1 Alphabet Book
  • Chimmy Fun Activity Book

To find out more about the Chimmy books please visit


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