The Foreign Language Benefit for Young Children

Cornell University linguistic researchers say that it is good for the child’s mind to learn a second language.

As parents we are aware that knowing multiple languages will enhance our children’s minds.  There are private schools and nursery’s that integrate foreign languages into the curriculum. They and are seeing great success in the child’s abilities to learn and has had cognitive advantages derived from becoming bilingual.  There are also courses that teach parents how to teach their infant or toddler a foreign language.

“In high school and college I began taking Spanish and still am not fluent. Having a small retained foundation of Spanish made it easier for me to learn some Italian.  It took me until the teen years to have a desire to know more languages so I could communicate with more people.  Also, I also realized a second or third language would make me more marketable in most any career.” The Tot’s Cafe Mom

It is best to begin teaching children four years and under a foreign language.  That is when the brain is growing the most so they learn faster and retain more information than any teen or adult.   From a physical standpoint, language learning contributes to developing auditory pathways in the brain, an excellent additional benefit!  Another piece of good news is parents do not need to speak a foreign to teach their little one. There are many teaching tools, such as bilingual reading books, a good phrase book and a dictionary to translate common words.  Another option is to obtain an audio of a foreign languge and play it for your tot.  It is wise to surround your child with other children who speak that foreign lanaguge or native to it so they can continue their development in speaking fluently for years to come.

Here is an opportunity to have fun learning with your tot and conversing together in another language. What a beautiful gift and experience to share.

Known advantages for your child learning a foreign language by the age of four years:

  1. Acquire advanced reading skills during their school years
  2. Appreciation for other cultures
  3. Confidence
  4. Enhances the child’s mental development
  5. Ability to communicate effectively to different cultures

Recommended Foreign Language Book for children under 7-years:
Chimmy 5in1 Languages.  Each book comes with a CD for proper pronunciation spoken by a native from that country.


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