Potty Training Done Easy

There are a few books on Potty Training and on The Tot’s Cafe’s ventures out meeting extraordinary mothers, we have found one Mother with an International perspective on potty training.  Her son is 2 and a half years of age and has been fully potty trained by 19 months and took only 5-days!  We were so impressed we had to get an exclusive interview with Anna.

Anna grew up in Poland as the average age for a child to be fully transitioned is from 1 to 2 years of age.  As you can see this is natural for Anna to have her son already going potty at such a young age.

Instead of the label “Potty Training,” Anna uses “Potty Transitioning” as that makes more sense as we are not per say training our children to do anything, they are giving us the signs that they are ready to transition out of the diapers and into undies.

Top Seven Secrets to Potty Transitioning by Anna:

  1. Start before one year of age by observing the signs on when the child wants to poo and set them on an infant toilet to get them familiar with the idea.
  2. Whenever you go to the bathroom, take them with you, let them see get curious about it.
  3. Mix cloth and eco-friendly disposable diapers from birth. Experience of wet cloth diaper will make them want to transition sooner.
  4. Allow your one-year old to run around without a diaper and make the potty available and in sight at all times.
  5. When they are aware of elimination and they already want to eliminate in a potty, start putting COTTON training pants on them.
  6. Eliminate the fear of potty training and think of it as the EASY  and NATURAL child transitioning.
  7. Initially let them eliminate in the potty. The toilet seat might seem a bit too overwhelming in the beginning.

During our interview with Anna, she did mention that it is not too late for those mothers who have toddlers who are still in diapers.

Anna’s Advice for Toddlers Still in Diapers:

  1. Take them with you to the toilet and allow them to sit on their potty too.
  2. Have them diaper free at home, watch the signs of them needing to go potty and show them their potty.
  3. Purchase Gerber’s Training Pants and have them wear those out as they will feel uncomfortable when they go wet.
  4. Never force or get upset when they do potty on the floor or in their training pants, just show them the the toilet and it is okay to go in there.
  5. Be patient with your tots as they have been use to diapers and has not had the distinction yet of diaper-free.
  6. Initially let them eliminate in the potty. The toilet seat might seem a bit too overwhelming in the beginning.

Have any questions for Anna please respond to this blog and Anna will answer your question within 24 hours by emailing your answer from Anna. In addition your question will be answered by video blog for other parents to learn from. We appreciate your questions to inspire other Mothers that there is hope for their child, eventually they all get out of diapers.

Check out the interview on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1bFhF6uExA

Early Elimination Books referred to you by Anna:
Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene, written by Ingrid Bauer
The Diaper-Free Baby: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative, written by Christine Gross-Loh


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  1. Thank you, Tina and Angela, for a beautiful article and spreading the awareness! Love,

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