Looking in Europe

Just In!  Chimmy has sent more photos of places he has traveled in one European country.  The above pic is one of the first places he visited at the beginning of the week.  Then he ended up in the big city.  For Chimmy, he does not speak this country’s language so he found an interpreter to travel with him and made the rest of his trip adventurous.

If you guess which country in Europe Chimmy is in you can Win a Free “Chimmy Travels to Europe” book, written by Patricia Paigerac.

During Chimmy’s travels he has visiting this lovely palace, a famous museum that looks like a pyramid, an opera house, and toured this country’s capital city and ate plenty of cheese and fine cuisines.

Our little monkey friend said that this country is famous for their cheese and wines but Chimmy doesn’t drink wine so he could not report on how wonderful the wine actually is.

The Tot’s Cafe will award the first person who guesses where in Europe Chimmy is visiting, with Patricia Paigerac’s book, “Chimmy Travels to Europe.”  (to win please comment with your answer on this blog) This book is chalk full of vivid pictures, foreign languages, maps and more that will teach your toddler the wonders of our world and appreciate the many foreign languages spoken in Europe.

There are many other educational books available, visit www.chimmy5in1.com


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