Images of Europe from Chimmy

The Tot’s Cafe has finally heard from Chimmy on his travels to Europe.  He has sent these two images of a country in Europe.  He has already visited a few cities in this country but he is staying in this city on the coast (picture above).  He will send some pictures of other more popular spots soon as he has not ventured into the more larger cities yet.

Sent directly from Chimmy: ” The weather here is excellent as I am traveling in the summer months.  I have learned a lot about their language and culture.  Did you know that this country has the second largest economy of all Europe and is the most visited country in the world, receiving 82 million foreign tourists per year.  I really do love it here, even though I have not met any monkeys.  The food is exquisite and the espresso is to die for, if you are into that.  Well I am off to see other cities in this stylish and cultural rich country.”

Chimmy Sent This Image to Us Too

I know this game can get quite tough if we have never visited this spot before or even been to Europe, so do your best and you are always welcomed to conduct research.

Tell us where in Europe Chimmy is visiting and win a Free Book, “Chimmy Travels to Europe” written by Patricia Paigerac.

We will be awarding people at the end of this month and the one with the most correct guesses will win!  There can be more than one winner. 

Submit your guess by posting a reply to this blog or on the post on our Facebook Page.
When you get to The Tot’s Cafe Facebook Page, please Like Us.


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