Spotlight Mom with Community

July Spotlight Mom

The Tot’s Cafe is excited to introduce, Denise, as the Spotlight Mom for July.  We had the pleasure of speaking with her and the incredibleness that she brings as a Mother of a 24-month son, Charley.  There is a lot we can learn from her.

Denise works in her family’s business, has her own business on top of that and has a wonderful supportive husband.  What is unusual and special about her life in today’s Western Society is she has community helping her raise Charley.   Before and since Charley was born, she has the luxury of working in the family business that her parents run with her uncle, cousin, brother and her husband too!  When she and her husband wanted to have children, they planned this big choice, with the family members running the business. They all were aware that this new addition to the family would be with them at work as opposed to a full-time daycare.  As part of the plan, Charley is blessed with a large space to play and is also consistently looked after.  He has the bonus of having Mom and Dad around all day for his nurturing needs.  Daily community support is quite unheard of today, but Denise and her family have found a way to bring it into their life.  Charley is a very happy and satisfied little man.  Not only does Charley get the advantage of being around family, he also gets a bonus for learning how to manage and run a business at such a young age.  And yes folks, he is soaking that in.

The Tot’s Cafe was impressed with Denise as she is very crafty.  She sews clothes, bathing suits, furniture upholstery, children’s clothes, well, pretty much anything!  Denise has her own clothing line and uses old clothes to make new ones!  We like our Mother’s being mindful of recycling.  She had also informed us that she will soon be launching her new business in the next couple weeks so we will keep you posted on that!  Summer is here and a new bathing suit would be great for us Mamas and our children.

At her lovely home in Laguna Beach, she grows her own organic vegetables.  Denise enjoys gardening and feels it is important for her son to learn how to grow food.  We will soon hear more about that.

Our experience of Denise is kind, adventurous, bountifully creative and has a beautiful smile.  We really had a wonderful time as we took Charley and our children on a short nature walk.  Denise got down with the kids and showed them bugs and lizards and the kids were quite interested while smiling the entire time.  When one child would put up a fuss, she would hand all three children small sticks to play with, and it worked.  She is not only a talented and happy person she certainly great with the kids. No wonder Charley is such a smiley happy child.

Stay tuned for more on Denise.

Special Thank You to Stacey Gates, The Tot’s Cafe’s May Spotlight Mom, for sharing her life with us!  If you want to nominate a Mom in our Spotlight feature, please reply to this blog with your contact information.


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