Exploration to Europe Continues

For those of you who missed our friend Chimmy the monkey’s last travels to Europe, he has continued his travels for a month!   Next our little monkey friend, Chimmy, is inviting you to come along with him on this adventures though Europe.  Even though this will be a virtual tour, Chimmy would love to share his travels and he will be sending The Tot’s Cafe updates on where he is currently. We thought, why not?  This will be educational, exciting and awe-inspiring.

The Tot’s Cafe also chose to make this a game for all of you, as games are more fun.  If you can guess where in Europe Chimmy is visiting you will receive a Free Book, “Chimmy Travels to Europe,” written by Patricia Paigerac, with rich images of Europe’s countries, with the flag of each country, the map of where this European country is located, the capitals of each country, what the main language spoken, the main monuments and finally you and your kids will learn five different languages, all in this one book!

A special bonus the winner will receive the audio CD which gives you the proper pronunciation in each language!

But wait there’s more!
For those who actively participate throughout the entire month of July will receive special recognition on our site.

Chimmy told us that he will start traveling Europe again this weekend and to look for his pics next week.


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