A Child’s Posture Affects Their Life

Most of us can appreciate that the way we raise our children will, quite accurately, determine the rest of their lives. What I have observed of late has challenged my confidence in parents as to the ways the little ones are being raised.

As an exercise kineisologist I get to see and appreciate how the body functions, what a healthy posture is and how the body looks is directly correlated to the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of us. I am witnessing, in vast numbers, children whose bodies are underdeveloped and in poor condition.

Children need to have adequate exercise so the muscles can stabilize and strengthen the body to have a chance for proper development to occur. Without enough exercise, poor posture develops, emotional growth is stunted, mental imbalances manifest and connecting to self is diminished. A good reason for proper posture being that the diaphragm (principle breathing muscle) becomes constricted and inhibited in function. Breath is the most important function of the body, without it we die in 3 minutes. With restricted breath, stress is heightened and all aspects of us decline in health.

Another reason for proper posture is so the deep stabilizing muscles can effectively hold the organs and surrounding tissues in there physiological positions for optimal function to occur and maintain good health.

When this postural decline happens a child can have tendencies to excessively misbehave, have learning difficulties, often sick and less able to perform physical activities. That is a very short list of the challenges that children face today when improper development of the musculoskeletal system exists.

With all the so called conveniences of today children do not really stand a chance of reaching their potential. These health challenges will eat them alive and by the time we are an adult, aches and pains will be commonplace. Emotional and mental unrest is inevitable with disease on it”s way.  I bet we all know a few people like that?

Can sound a bit crazy to think how an out of shape body can make our lives so miserable.

Most parents scold and reprimand their children for their behavior but it’s really the parents that need to shift the way they raise them. Until the parent recognizes that it’s “I” that taught them this behavior and takes responsibility for their actions, the rot will continue.

Wayne Daniels, Holistic Practitioner with emphasis on Exercise Kinesiology with Holistic Health & Fitness, Located in Tustin, California. www.HolisticHealthFitness.net


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