The Kid Krisis

The Tot’s Cafe loves Dr. Mercola as he has information that the doctors out there are not telling you.  We received this article from him as we are on his e-mailing list and felt it important to share this information with all our hip and educated Moms out there.

1 in 6 now “developmentally disabled”

If it seems like every kid on the block has something wrong with him, well, you’re not far off: New numbers from the CDC find that 10 million American children — a sixth of all kids in the country — now have some kind of “developmental disability.”
This is a category that’s supposed to include everything from hearing loss to cerebral palsy, but c’mon — you and I both know there’s no hearing loss epidemic.
Despite all those white headphones dangling out of every ear, hearing loss among kids is actually DOWN over the past decade.

No, the real reason for the 17 percent increase in developmental disabilities in just 12 years is due almost entirely to two conditions — and I’m sure you can guess the ones I’m talking about.

Here’s a hint: One’s a complete fabrication… the other is badly over diagnosed.

The fabrication, of course, is ADHD — the “disease” where kids who act up are rewarded with stimulant drugs.

These kids aren’t sick.

They might be inattentive, ill-mannered, hot-headed, hyper, violent, or lazy — but they’re not sick.

These kids need better food, less TV, and an occasional kick in the seat — and any parents willing to provide all three will see a miraculous ADHD “cure” right in front of their eyes.

Autism, on the other hand is very real — and while I have no doubt it’s on the rise, I don’t buy the CDC’s new numbers for a second: The agency now claims the condition is up 300 percent over the past decade.

There’s no bigger backer of the autism community than me, and I’ve got the battle scars to prove it.

But something needs to be said here, and I’m going to say it: The real reason for the dramatic rise in autism spectrum disorders is that they’ve expanded the “spectrum” so much that’s it more like a beach umbrella — and suddenly every child who picks his nose too much is under it.

Let’s stop trying to slap labels on every kid who’s a little bit different — especially when those labels lead to drug prescriptions — and just focus on the ones who really need help for a change.

Being a kid is hard enough as it is.

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One response to “The Kid Krisis

  1. Thanks for a great article!

    I second what you wrote about ADHD. Dr. Sears calls ADHD and ADD a NDD (Nutrition Deficiency Disorder) and suggests that before you rush to the pharmacy, take a serious look at what a kid eats, especially in the morning. Most kids gulp on soda and sugar all they long and hence the over diagnosing of ADHD. Sugar rush can for sure be misdiagnosed for ADHD. What scares me the most is that the general trend in our society supports easier choice of administering a drug over more time consuming commitment to cook nutritional food for your family. Sad.

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