Shoes for our Child’s Development

There is too much misleading information on footwear.  When it comes to wearing shoes, it is vital to have some knowledge or we will probably make a poor choice for our children’s development.

The most important time of any persons life and what defines us into becoming who we are is the infant development stage.  Choosing the proper footwear is crucial for correct development of the whole body.  Posture is totally ruined through imbalanced length/tension relationships of muscles, especially if the soles of the shoes are hard. The muscles of the feet are unable to develop harmoniously through inhibited proprioception (diminished nerve function of muscles through lack of tactile awareness). This means; some muscles have to work overtime and others cease to work at all when the child is unable to feel the ground by wearing hard soled shoes.  Some causes will result to pain, injury, instability, general degenerative breakdown of the body as stability of the joints diminish through these muscle imbalances.

Now how about the soft/padded sole, like a training shoe? These days shoe companies seem to believe that the thicker the sole the better protection for the foot. Absolutely absurd when we look around us and see the amount of issues we have with our feet. Proprioception of the foot is effected yet again as the nerves in the foot have been buffered through padding so awareness of the foot is diminished and gait is effected through an adverse neural input. This results in an improper impact as each step occurs, which in turn reduces the muscle functions of the foot. Reduced function of nerves and muscles in the foot, I reiterate, will cause nerve and muscle functions to diminish through the whole body too.  In addition, to blindside you, with a thick sole there is a delay in muscle contraction of the deep abdominals as the timing of impact of each step is delayed. The reason for this is when the foot impacts the floor it creates a neural and muscle reaction for the rest of the body to act on. When the timing is delayed by approximately thousandth of a second, there is no stability from the deep abdominals to support the impact and dissipate the shock of each step due to the thick sole acting as a buffer. When the deep abdominal wall does not function, postural breakdown and improper development of the body is inevitable from head to toe, not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually too.  These aspects are all one and all trend in accordance with each other, but that’s a whole other topic which I will broach soon.

Through soft, padded and or spongy footwear the child’s neurological and musculoskeletal systems of development are severely compromised.

Get shoes with little sole as possible, ideally a piece of flat leather is a good choice for a sole. Bobux has some great leather shoes, but avoid Bobux iWalk shoes as those soles are really hard.  For those who have toddlers that have grown out of the Bobux shoe sizes, Nike Roadrunner is another great option with traction on the bottom of the shoe.  All you will need to do to make the Nike’s optimal, is take out the cushion inside the shoe and your child is good to play.

(Wayne Daniels, Holistic Practitioner with emphasis on Exercise Kinesiology. Located in Tustin, California.


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