Creative Play at Carters

Have you ever been in Carters at the Irvine Spectrum in Orange County California? It is a popular place for children to have creative play at the Lego table. If you go in Carters you can be guaranteed that there will be children at that table playing while their parents are shopping.

Whenever, my son and I get close to that area of the mall he points and says, “Blocks, Momma!” and we make a stop at the store. Of course, I end up purchasing something most of the times this happens.  Smart move on Carter’s part.

The Tot’s Cafe found it a great home item for block building and more! Yes, this fun find also serves as functional piece of furniture for your child. It comes with a smooth cover that fits nicely over the table so your tot can sit at a table and chair his size and enjoy his snacks or meal when not busy engineering. We love it!
Tot Tutors CT599 2-in-1 Round Plastic Construction Table and 2 Chairs, Primary Colors


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