Live Green on Mother’s Day

Need suggestions on having the best Mother’s Day ever?  The Tot’s Cafe has a few tips for the whole family to enjoy. Unless you just want your time to get away and relax these tips can still be useful.

TIP ONE:  Nature hike in Laguna Canyon in Laguna Beach.  There are many nature trails in Laguna Canyon that you can bring the whole family.  Allow the kids to explore the wilderness right near home and you can have a revitalizing walk that you will enjoy for yourself.

TIP TWO:  Gardening with the family can be rewarding.  Picking out plants or vegetables you would like in your garden.  It is fun for the kids to pick out what they would like to plant too!  Spend the day out in the garden digging and giving love to our green planet.

TIPS THREE: A day at the beach!  There is more to the beach than you think.  In our lovely Laguna Beach and southwards there are lots of little coves and exploration that the kids can do.  This will be a great relaxation time and get some Vitamin D in this wonderful California weather.

We wish you a splendid Mother’s Day.  Go out and do something different and special by enjoying nature and the wonders in it.


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