Holistic Mom in the Spotlight

The Tot’s Cafe has been meeting some amazing Mothers recently. We are excited to be featuring Spotlight Mom’s as a special tribute to acknowledge them. It also will be a fun way to inspire other Mothers by sharing the many wonderful ways families create health and happiness while modeling teamwork, contribution, leadership, and many other incredible qualities to their children.

We had found just that woman to feature this month and right in time for Mother’s Day.  Her name is Stacey and lives in South Orange County, California.  The Tot’s Cafe visited her house the other day and found out some amazing things about her.  In our visit the first thing we noticed was her amazing back yard or shall I say back garden (not the England meaning).  She has a compost bin for collecting goodies for her garden and has plans to add a special Kelp seaweed to the soil.  Plus, we were told the next phase for the back garden is to plant a variety of fruit trees.  Stacey has built five, four by sixteen foot, raised beds filled with organic vegetables and herbs that can feed her entire neighborhood.  Come on natural disaster, her family is well prepared!  She built the beds along with her 5-year old son, Canyon, and also two raised beds at Canyon’s preschool in San Clemente, California.  There, each kid has their own square foot plot to plant, water, watch grow, harvest and eat with their classmates.

As she showed us around the house, we were captivated by organic, beautiful and inspiring paintings on her wall. One of those paintings is 4 feet by 8 feet that she created with scrap plywood, reused wood from a patio cover, and landfill-bound paint.

In Canyon’s room we immediately noticed a tree painted on his wall that grew up onto the ceiling and a loft bed that has ply-wooden tree branches for its side rail, and Stacey built and painted herself. On one side of the bed she designed and added a wooden cut out of a tree.  The leaves and branches serve as a guard to keep Canyon safe in his tall loft bed. Underneath his bed are his toys and optimized space for playing and he can create a private fort when he wants. Genius! An elevated bed to have use of the entire floor in his bedroom.

There was one last room we were itching to go into, the music room where there is a small drum set just the right size for Canyon, three acoustic guitars, other percussion instruments, an amp and two microphones complete the stage for adults and kids to jam together.

Stacey is one of the most creative, naturalistic and crafty woman we have ever met.  Her philosophy is raising Canyon to explore, be creative, learn how to cultivate his own food and discover the wonders of nature.  It was beautiful to witness the connection that Stacey and Canyon share and to see the projects that they completed together. Stacey was telling us how she and Canyon set up a lemonade stand that featured drinks garnished with the special touch of fresh mint from their organic garden. We noticed that their projects share common interest between her and Canyon, plus they are fun and engaging for both of them!

It was inspiring for us to see Stacey’s creative expression throughout their home. As a mom, we all know that it is easy to get caught up in the day and neglect our own personal interests, passions and creative outlets. It was inspiring to see how Stacey incorporates into her daily life the things she enjoys doing. What a great way to create balance in life!

Talking to Stacey you can see her passion for living and a spirit that is passionate for treating our planet with the respect it deserves.  The Tot’s Cafe greatly enjoyed and appreciated being with Stacey and her son Canyon for the afternoon. There is so much to learn from this amazing Mom.

Stacey leaves us with this, “Throw away little and reuse a lot; buy less, and connect with your family and nature more often.”  Happy Mother’s Day!

To see pictures of Stacey’s garden and art in her house please visit our Tot’s Cafe fan page by clicking on the logo.


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