European Education

Belgium's Country Flag

Did you know that Brussels is the capital of Belgium? Do you know what the flag looks like? How about the major attraction of Belgium?  What language or languages do they speak in Belgium?   Could you say Brussels in five different languages?

This is only one of the many European countries that Chimmy the monkey travels to in the children’s book, Chimmy Travels to Europe.

How often do our American children get to learn about other countries, the capitals of each of those countries, the major languages spoken in those countries plus how to say words in that country’s language?  I had to learn all that in University where I was majoring in International Business and had to learn and know another language other than my native English.  As I am learning with Chimmy Travels to Europe, so is my son and he does not have to major in International Business to learn it.

The Tot’s Cafe is so impressed with this book that we are having a contest for all of you to play.  Guess where in Europe Chimmy the Monkey is traveling next?  We will be giving a clue a day and at the end of the month, the first person who has guessed most of the answers correctly will be featured on The Tot’s Cafe web site!

Stay tuned for clues on our website and at The Tot’s Cafe Facebook Page.  To reply to us quickly, post your answer on our Facebook Page wall or reply to us in the comment section of the Contact Us page of this site.


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