Watch Out for Toxic Clothes

Do you recall what motivated your baby registry? Was it the cute onesies and fluffy blankets with a special theme? When I registered for my baby shower, I surprised myself by sticking to practical…..I specified organic clothes and blankets.  As Isabella has gotten older, somehow I have been less mindful of the non-organic clothes that have slipped in as gifts or just very cute clothes that I liked for her and purchased myself. I did care to wash them a couple of times prior to putting them on her.

Thankfully I attended a local talk by Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Institute. He recently wrote a book titled, Killer Clothes. During his talk I became reminded and more informed of why organic cotton is so important to our health.  Much of the non-organic cotton clothes are treated with formaldehyde to obtain a permanent press look. I always thought a simple cleaning in the washing machine was sufficient. What I learned is that formaldehyde as well as the pesticides used on cotton does not come out in the first wash. I had no idea that cotton is considered to be a very highly sprayed crop. Most of the pesticides and chemicals are easily removed by first soaking clothes in white vinegar, but not all of them. Isn’t that shocking? Since more substances are absorbed by the skin than any other organ, of course the best option is to lean toward organic cotton clothing and blankets for our precious little ones and to support the growth of eco-friendly crops.

Lately I’ve noticed many children clothes and baby blankets are made out of a polyester blend or 100% polyester. The blankets that feel really soft and cozy, 100% polyester, as well as most stuffed animals that children love to cuddle. My daughter recently got a “Zoobie” pet. The darling pillow pet Giraffe is 100% polyester and has a 100% polyester blanket stuffed inside. What a great concept for children, but too bad the material is a petrochemical!  Did you know that polyester and nylon are derived petroleum and continues to off-gas forever?  Forever…..I had no idea! None of us want to expose our precious little ones to harmful chemicals through the skin and by inhaling too!  Another important note about the skin is that it is a main elimination organ.  Many toxins are released throughout the day through the skin. By covering a child in polyester clothes or blankets that don’t breathe, the toxin release action of the skin is greatly inhibited.

Oh my! Well, I certainly got a valuable earful from Dr. Clement.  I’ve cleaned out my daughters closet and drawers and mine too.

The information I shared was what I learned in half of his lecture. My 2 year old was ready to leave after an hour and when we were heading out the door Dr. Clement had talked about clothing chemicals that have been tested to cause infertility and was starting to go into the scarcity of organic cotton bras and the impact of the pretty polyester and nylon bras, according to studies of breast cancer patients.  To become more aware about this critical topic, you can check out Killer Clothes, the latest book by Dr. Brian Clement.

Check Out this Eye Opening Book: Killer Clothes


2 responses to “Watch Out for Toxic Clothes

  1. It’s cool that I stumbled onto this post, because I was just talking to an aunt who has done all the research on polyester and other similar material. What she found out convinced her, and she’s actually in the process of launching an organic clothing company. She’s planning to start sales in the fall.

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