The Balanced Mom Entrepreneur

Attention business Moms.  An event just for you that is a must attend.  Balanced Entrepreneur Mom

If you are a Mom, life is probably full but your time is not as accessible.
Would a larger capacity, enhanced productivity and more time for you and your children be optimal?

In this workshop, Vidette Vanderweid and Tina Hiatt give workable solutions for this lack of time.  Took the  successful business mom’s of today and found out what was working best for them.

Here are three major time saving solutions that will cause productivity in your business that we learned from these other business Moms.

  1. Intentionality: This is for those of you that has a two to four hour window to work.  What we suggest is to use this time doing income generating activities.  This includes sales calls, follow up calls, email marketing and invoicing.  We Mother’s learn fast to use every moment we have to keep our business afloat.
  2. Schedule: Having a schedule is so important.  With a schedule put in your children’s activities in one color and your business activities in another.  We can even get more detailed as you can put your meetings in a color, sales in another and business development in another.  Yes color coding is wonderful.  There are a few programs you can use on your computer such as Entourage to do this.  Writing it down is a great method then highlighting.  Get yourself organized and find out where you can fit in your business.
  3. Work from Home: Sometimes it is necessary to work from home while the children are there. I know, for me it is practically impossible.  Here is a solution, have a babysitter come by the house and keep your child company by creating activities while you work.  There is also worktime while they sleep.  I often do this.  If there is a phone call that you must take, go into the other room and take the call.  Or just call them back when you have an opportune moment which must be created by you.

Entrepreneur Mothers have so much to manage and think about and the best thing we all can do is GET HELP!  This means a family member, your hubby or partner, friend, babysitter, or nanny to pitch in and support you.

To really develop a productive business, there is a workshop being held in Irvine, California.  Check it out!


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