The Inspiration Behind Chimmy

Patricia Paigerac & The Children who Love Chimmy

The inspiration behind the adventurous and linguistic Chimmy the Monkey, is a fabulous woman who loves to be a contribution to children’s learning of foreign languages. Patricia Paigerac is the author of Chimmy 5in1 books. Chimmy was created 12 years ago when she came to the United States.

I had the luxury of getting to know Patricia and became an instant fan.  Her brilliance of teaching children five languages amazes me.  Patricia grew up in France and lived in Luxembourg and Italy. Today she resides in Southern California.

Patricia speaks and writes fluently in French, Italian and English.  During my travels to Europe, as a native Californian, I came to find out that most people know more than one language, not to mention they all have passports. Hence, being an American, I am amazed at people who know more than one language.

Patricia says, “I noticed that being multilingual wasn’t very common here. I was babysitting for a little boy of 15 months three times a week. His mother had asked me to speak in French to him, and at that time the parents were speaking to him in Russian and English. Then when he turned 24 months, to my awareness he could understand all three languages. That’s when the inspiration for writing Chimmy came to me.”

Since, her language teaching experience with the little boy, Patricia has published a DVD and written four educational books full of play and fun.  Guess what parents?  You do not have to know the languages to read Chimmy because it comes with a CD!  Just play it for your children and watch them shine.  I too have personally learned so much from Patricia’s books.

A little bird told me that she is working on a fifth book.  As soon as I find out more about it, you Tot’s Café blog fans will hear about it first!


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