Celebrate the Poo

Imagine being an infant and just had a relieving poo.  Mama goes to change you and she gives a look of disgust.  How would that feel to you?  Infants and toddlers are people too.

Why not celebrate the poo moments.  It only promotes them to feel comfortable with their human functions.  This will give the child’s digestive system an emotional release too.  Now if celebrating is too much, how about taking it as natural.  Be happy they are pooing.  These days, children have so much digestive challenges.  Not saying it is about the parent making faces, there are many factors and one is what the child is eating.

My husband and I bought this little toilet for our son who is now ready to learn to potty in the toilet instead of his diapers.  Every time he pees or poos in it, the toilet sings, celebrating his natural elimination.  How cute and fun.  Have you seen these singing toilets?

I will leave you with this message, relating to our children with respect really matters, as they will grow to respect you and others.  Live, love and celebrate life!

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2 responses to “Celebrate the Poo

  1. Good ideas. Sometimes we forget that they are always watching us, always recording our every word and expression with their little minds.

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