Children’s Book: Learn with Chimmy

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Chimmy is a clever little monkey with lots of friends.  He teaches the ABCs, Numbers, and explores Europe. What is interesting about Chimmy, he speaks five languages.  Chimmy teaches our children through his adventures through multi-learning.

The Tot’s Cafe has found enriching and unique educational materials.  Your child will be able to learn five different languages and each book focuses on a different learning like the alphabets, numbers, geography and travel, that is absolutely cleaver! The illustrations are so colorfully vivid and appealing that it keeps the attention of the little tot.  The impact these creative foreign language books, CDs and DVDs provide your child is a fun and entertaining multilingual learning experience that will enhance the child’s learning development.

Young babies and younger children learn and retain all teachings, especially foreign language, very quickly. The use of the common words introduced in the book will make it easy for you and your child to refer to objects seen in everyday life which will contribute to the foreign language retention.

The word is getting out and reaching daycares about Chimmy 5in1 Languages. Teachers are finding it very beneficial to teach these entertaining books, audios and DVDs to the little ones.  The Tot’s Cafe is so excited to share with you this wonderful find!

The collection of materials is written by Patricia Paigerac and Illustrated by Ivan Ruiz. The Chimmy book series gets a Five Star from The Tot’s Cafe and Annaliese’s School in Laguna Beach.

More Information about the Chimmy Series

Watch the videos here!


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