Your Baby Can Read

Found out about this wonderful learning Program that all parents need to know to educate the little ones. Pick up the book, “How to Teach Your Baby to Read” by Glenn Doman.   The book speaks about how intense teaching begins after the child enters school, which is also after peak development of the brain declines at age four. An early learning program at home makes knowledge aquisition fun and a lifestyle, rather than something forced or considered a must do with pass or fail judgment. This made complete sense to me. My recollection of school was not mostly filled with a joy or desire for learning.  It was mainly an experience of a love/hate relationship based on pressure to get the best grades or facing my parents with the shame of poor results.  Various memorization techniques were my key to survival and after the test most of the concepts were not valued, they were quickly forgotten as I re-focused to memorize material for the next test.

The infant/toddler reading program is very simply outlined in the book. It is recommended to read “How to Teach Your Baby to Read” by Glenn Doman. to powerfully introduce the reading program to your child.  This curriculum is very specific and has been successfully used by parents for over 40 years.

Tips from book for heightened learning:
– Quickly show ten words on large flash cards very rapidly. The baby has the ability to rapidly absorb information and will get bored if the parent flashes the words too slowly.
– Show and say the words with enthusiasm.
– Determine when a session is most appropriate for your baby and stop before baby wants to stop.
– Introduce names of family members
– Introduce groups of familiar words in related topics

When I started the reading curriculum with Isabella at 7 months, things went really well. As she got more and more mobile, she was in constant discovery mode of her surroundings. I was always prepared and ready to grab some cards when I saw she was taking an exploration break. Sometimes we would not complete all ten cards in the session and sometimes we would.  I even kept some flash cards in the car and would show her some very quickly upon getting in the car or arriving at our destination, if it seemed she was receptive. I just went with her flow and this made it fun and spontaneous for both of us. As she approaches two, her attention is more focused for the most part. I will ask her if she wants to see some words and she will sit on a little stool and wait for me to grab the cards to show her. Wow! It is so precious and exciting witness. Of course there are days that may result in less words being shown. It is an organic way of teaching and the result is a lifestyle that creates a different type of bond through getting to know Isabella more deeply by understanding what word topics trigger her interest.


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