Physical Fitness Program for 6 Month Baby….seriously

After my chiropractor friend told me about Glenn Doman, I first dove into his book titled,  “How to Teach Your Baby To be Physically Superb.” The book has an amazing color coded chart that is titled “The Institutes Developmental Profile”. The book is easy to follow and each section discusses the “developmental profile”, which maps out the brain development stages of a baby from birth to 6 years and specific “competences” for each stage, such as visual, manual, auditory, etc.

The chapters also provide exercise plans that are age appropriate through the stages that support brain growth and proficient advancement of each competence.

Immediately I began the age appropriate program for my child. It was quick, fun, easy and rewarding to do our little exercise routine. As she approaches age two, we have thoroughly enjoyed continuing through the book doing the various routines. I have noticed the impact on her coordination, balance and confidence in movement.  What I appreciate most, besides supporting her strength, endurance, coordination and balance, is the added trust and bond we have gained through playfully exercising together. Absolutely priceless!


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