Follow the Leader

Ever feel that your little one runs faster than you?  Ever go to the store and follow your child around the store as they refuse to get into the shopping cart?  We play that game all the time, I call it Follow the Leader, my child being the leader.

Sometimes this game is no fun for Mama.  I realized that my child running off is just playing and exploring.  This game can be great fun if we just follow them.  Following him around and seeing what interests my little man can be a fun game.  He loves to go into the clothes as he likes the feel of the clothes on his face.  He giggles every time.  Being a baseball lover he will run around the store pretending he is running the bases.  That still makes me laugh and I run around the “pretend” bases with him.

The point of the Follow the Leader game is to join in on the fun.  Explore with them and allow them to travel where they desire.  It is a great tool for us to learn play in our lives.  Play accesses our right brain which gives us more creativity, helps us solve problems we are having at home or in our business and it supports our health.  The more you laugh the better your health.  I do think it is proven, when I laugh a lot my belly gets sore and I suppose it exercises my insides. Ask your Personal Trainer about that one as I am a business woman not a health expert.

The message of the day is play and follow your little leader.


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