Going From Business Woman to Mother to Business Woman

As a mother of a 2-year old, I cannot imagine life without my son.  It seems that my past life as a mover and shaker never happened.  Now I have this other life where I blossom, learn more about who I am through my son, organization skills enhance, relentless focus with the time I have for myself is more appreciated and life itself is now about play and ease.

Before we have kids, life was all about us.  Our work, our vacations, our relationships, and it was a full life!  Running a business and having only me and that business to focus on was grand.  I loved it.

Being a new Mother really stopped me in my tracks and shifted by life path.  As a breastfeeding Mom, I stayed home with my son for the first year and a half and life was very different.  I look back now and all I was going through was getting a new routine and lifestyle. With a new routine and lifestyle came transitional challenges.  You know the kind, “I must get out of the house.”  “All this cleaning!” “When do I get my body back?”  Then on the other-hand, there was this gorgeous little boy that needed me to take care of him.  When I took my focus off of the challenges and focused on him, life was perfect and sweet.  There was always a spark in me to go out there and be an Entrepreneur again.  So I did.

Funny thing is, once I started being a business woman again, dropping him off at daycare broke my heart.  Picking him up was the most exciting moment of the day.  I missed him while I was away for a few hours, looking at my phone just in case the daycare called.  Once I picked him up I was off with him playing and having a grand time.

Working again was the best thing I could have done for myself.  It gave me a sense of who I know myself to be, a powerful entrepreneur who loves to build businesses.  That is fun for me.  Then I ran into another challenge.  The time I use to have to build businesses is not there anymore, I now choose to spend the rest of my time with my son.  He is fun and play and the cutest little man.  Running a business takes focus, time and drive.  As I lost the time and focus, business was not that good.  This transition phase was my biggest challenge and guess what, I figured out a way.

It is skill to sit down with four hours of relentless focus to work on my business.  This means those four hours and I did not spend the time checking emails and looking things up anymore.  It was about getting what I need completed to build my business to financial security status.  In the morning I work on the little tasks, before my son wakes, as I am fortunate I have a son who wakes up on average at 8:00 – 8:30 am.  So the early morning is mine to plan my day and check my emails.  I usually have four hours a day to work.  Here is what I do, three of those days are for sales; making calls, attending networking events and meeting with people.  Two days of the week are for working on my business and working on my client’s marketing.  I also get weekends, while my sweet little boy sleeps I am able to get my writing complete such as this blog.  Since I am married, my husband will look after our son while I work- which I call my bonus days.  Now that is just my way of focusing and be a mother too.

Life is sweet and I get the best of both worlds.  My husband and my son see me happy. When I am with them, it is about fun and play.  For those who really want to know, I do consistently have challenges that come up for me.  Such as scheduling conflicts with my husband.  Babysitters who get sick and unable to watch my son.  I roll with the punches and figure out a way and move on.  We are human and challenges will always appear as they are our biggest lessons to learn from.

A friend had said to me once, “being a Mother is like running a small country.”  There is some truth to that and being a Mother is magical and we are now called upon to be greater than we were before and step up to care for our future leaders and teach them the way to a fulfilled and amazing life.  I believe I am still a mover and a shaker enhanced with a responsibility that only makes me a better person.


2 responses to “Going From Business Woman to Mother to Business Woman

  1. Well done. I constantly struggle with the pull to do something…before the last task was completed, which usually ends in nothing much being finished and me feeling like the world has ended. Mind you we have a 5.30am riser, which means that I would have to be up before I went to bed…

    • Thank you, it took a lot struggle for me too. I do have an amazing support team that keeps that fire lit. It is all about finding what works for you and your family. You being the focus.

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